Karting is a dangerous sport, with drivers reaching speeds of over 70mph while perched just centimetres from the ground. Wearing appropriate safety equipment is therefore essential but our fully customised product range can bring benefits YOU can’t get from off the shelf products.

In a crowded marketplace giving the chance to show YOUR individuality helps you stand out. This can range from YOUR name and national flag on items up to a fully custom design.

The fully custom designs allow for a larger marketing space and a way to show off who you are on you teamwear. IMB products allow you to unlock all the underused space for sponsors and/or help drive your brand awareness. Bespoke, 4 You, By You.

KSC-1 CIK/FIA Level 2 Suit

£389.00 - £459.00

There are plain suits out there, but if you want to stand out, then go fully customised and have your dream suit designed at an affordable price with no limits and no extra costs.


KGI-1 Kart Gloves

£39.00 - £49.00

All our kart gloves, template or fully custom, are a thick twin skinned, with an amara palm, reinforced double stitching and a unique printed grip to maximise grip and movement.


KGE-1 External Stitched Kart Gloves

£39.00 - £49.00

With all the features of the internally stitched glove but with an external stitched finish for maximum comfort - found both on our template or fully custom options. 


KBC-1 Karting Boot


Our IMB-KBC-1 allows you to put what you want, where you want it with NO LIMITS or hidden costs. Finally you can make a boot that is crafted with no restrictions.


Nomex SFI Underwear

£20.00 - £148.00

Our SFI nomex underwear collection is sold in black with our logo in white. Our focus was to bring the highest quality and with maxixmum protection for you when your out on track. 


Rib Protector


An essential item for all. Strong enough to defect even the harshest impacts away from your delicate bones, plus the rib protector is so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it.


Neck Support Collar


Padded in high density foam the IMB neck protector provides a 360 degree range of motion and has a high comfort level for your head and neck.


Kart Cover


We know how important it can be to protect your kart but we now offer you all the same features, inc. elasticated edges and water proofing, but with the ability to be fully custom.