Ascher Racing Clutch Paddles
  • pair of analogue paddles
  • controls inputs such as clutch, throttle, brake
  • CNC machined out of high strength automotive aluminium
  • black anodized
  • lightweight design: single clutch  = 48 g
  • small dimensions for ergonomic wheel integration (small rims vs. large quick release)
  • precise and contactless hall sensor
  • preloaded torsional spring for smooth, precise and repeatable operation
  • mechanical throw adjustable
  • 3-5 V supply voltage – works with most USB controllers such as Bodnar, DSD, etc.
  • reverse polarity protection
  • sealed potted electronics
  • for simulator use only


  • connect to 3 or 5V analogue axis on controller: black = GND/ white = signal/  red = supply voltage
  • Includes the cable that goes to the PCB

bite point calibration

use the double clutch pcb to use the clutches with bite point calibration

Ascher Racing Clutch Paddles

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